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The team behind Knowt is dedicated and determined to push the education industry forward by helping students learn better. We're constantly exploring new features to help people learn more.

Meet Us
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David Kim
Head of Backend
David Kim is a sophomore at NJIT majoring in computer science and mathematics. During his free time, he likes to automate his workflow.
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Michael Levine
Head of Web Development
Michael Levine is a senior at Rutgers University. He enjoys weight lifting, playing piano, and programming.
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Raveesh Mehta
Head of Marketing
Raveesh Mehta is a senior at East Brunswick High School. In the future, he hopes to pursue computer science and economics.
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Varun Mehrotra
Web Development
Varun Mehrotra is a student at East Brunswick High School. He has been fascinated with computer science since he was in 6th grade and hopes to major in it in the future.
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Kunal Adhia
Mobile Development
Kunal is a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and Business Administration. He has interned as a financial services tech intern at Capital One.
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Shashank Pachava
Backend Development
Shashank enjoys spending time learning about and applying computer science. In the future, he hopes to work in a financial tech company.
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Avaneen Pinninti
Avaneen Pinninti is a senior at the Middlesex County Academy. He enjoys and hopes to major in entrepreneurship, robotics, and politics in the future.
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Shashwat Singh
Development Program
Shashwat is a senior at Rutgers University studying Computer Science and Psychology. In his free time he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and longboarding.
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Sang Nguyen
Development Program
Sang is a Senior at NJIT majoring in Computer Science. He loves to create things, through platforms like coding and dabbles in screenplay writing.
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Jenny Wang
Web Development
Jenny Wang is a senior at the University of Virginia. She is studying Computer Science and Chemistry, and besides programming, likes to cook and play volleyball.

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